Saturday, September 14, 2013

Table of Contents revealed for upcoming space opera anthology

Firefly being the inspiration for Raygun Revival , it seems appropriate to begin our journey with a story that captures that feel. I told long time Firefly fan Seanan McGuire this was her chance to write a Firefly-like tale and she jumped at it, then proceeded to blow us all away with this amazing tale . . . FRONTIER ABCs: THE LIFE AND TIMES OF CHARITY SMITH, SCHOOLTEACHER

Kristine Kathryn Rusch is one of my favorite authors. Her Retrieval Artist books combine mystery, detective noir, and space opera beautifully. And her Diving novels evoke classic space opera of a bygone age. In her story for us, a corporate bounty hunter is taken captive by men with a surprising connection to her past, and finds herself once again face to face with the last man she ever wanted to see again… RICK THE ROBBER BARON

In the first of our Raygun Revival reprise stories, A.M. Stickel gives us the tale of recruits on a tough planet, earning their metal through grit and sheer willpower as they struggle to survive and conquer the alien world of Triple in… TO THE SHORES OF TRIPLE, LEE!

Next, Texas native and 2013 Sidewise Award nominee Lou Antonelli takes us down to West Texas in a story with a retro feel wherein two characters get taken for a ride—in outer space—and wind up getting far more than they bargained for in… THE SILVER DOLLAR SAUCER

Returning to new originals, Baen author Sarah A. Hoyt takes us next on breathless, nonstop thrill ride of a story in which a woman narrowly survives a terrorist attack only to find herself hunted as an enemy of the state, all for being in the wrong place, or was she? AROUND THE BEND

Next Michael S. Roberts take us into battle aboard the HDS battle cruiser Himalaya as they encounter a dreaded sixty year old enemy ship known as The Sword of Saladin, a ship and crew right out of legends and stories but one with very real bite, they discover, as they confront her in… SWORD OF SALADIN

In Jennifer Campbell-Hicks’ intriguing tale, Lieutenant Everett Monson finds himself perplexed and worried by an android with a strange claim—that it possesses the soul of a long dead scientist and inventor. Could it be having a… MALFUNCTION

Mike Resnick’s classic spacefaring scoundrel Catastrophe Baker finds himself stranded when his ship is stolen out from under him. But left behind is the culprit’s ship, with whom Catastrophe Baker will soon have a close encounter of a very odd kind in… CATASTROPHE BAKER AND THE SHIP WHO PURRED

Brenda Cooper’s Robot Girl is one of my favorite novella’s of the past decade. It made me a fan, and later, a friend of a very talented writer. Her latest, an original for us, is the tale of Lisel Mountain, a writer whose muse is a mysterious crooner named Holly Defiant, and when Lisel digs into her muse’s life, the muse confronts her with a startling connection to a figure from Lisel’s past… HOLLY DEFIANT

Keanan Brand brings us a brand new prequel story to the Thieves’ Honor serials which graced many an issue of Raygun Revival, detailing Captain Kristoff’s first mission with his future right hand and best friend Finney as she comes up against a cocky competitor in… SHOOTING THE DEVIL’S EYE

When Jake Ekhunder arrives late for his first day at Time Corp., he gets a curious reaction as his supervisor and coworkers hail him at their “king.” What follows is his discovery of the truth and a mysterious plot surrounding his life of which he never knew in A.M. Roelke’s… LAST, FULL MEASURE

When starship captain Sharla and her crew are sucked into one of the very aurorae they were trying to avoid, they make a startling discovery about their nature that could change everything in Paula R. Stiles’… SPIDER ON A SIDEWALK

Our next original story comes from former SFWA President Robin Wayne Bailey, known for his bestselling TSR D&D novel Nightwatch as well as his Frost fantasy novels, amongst others. But pulp space opera is one of his passions and here he gives us a new tale with an old feel as a Galaxy Knight seeks to protect the space ways in… KING OF THE GALAXY KNIGHTS

In Rob Mancebo’s action packed tale, Mast McKinney and her fellow slaves stage a revolt, determined to at last escape and free themselves from their loquar masters… THE SLAVERS OF RUHN

For a change of pace, we move on with a tale in which aliens visitors interact with life on Earth, releasing a neo-virus which causes strange color changes in one of Earth’s larger mammals. Jenny Schwartz mixes humor and culture clash in… CAN A GIRAFFE CHANGE THEIR SPOTS?

Another semi-regular at RGR was Milo James Fowler’s Captain Quasar, a bravado, larger-than-life, pulp-esque hero whose comical adventures take him into all sorts of challenging situations. Including this one where he faces unexpected resistance to his solution… CAPTAIN QUASAR AND THE INSURMOUNTABLE BARRIER OF SPACE JUNK

Shaun Farrell is the founder and former cohost of Adventures In Scifi Publishing Podcast, and has tus spent hours interviewing and learning from the top people in the business. In his own story, young saboteurs struggle to break free of the control of the mysterious NET which runs their society in… CONVERSION

A.C. Crispin was recently awarded the Grand Master award by the International Society of Media Tie-In Writers for her work on properties such as Star Trek, Star Wars, V and Pirates Of The Carribean, but her story for us was excerpted from her own original space opera series Starbridge. A chapter from the first novel in that series, with brand new material added for framing gives us this fascinating first encounter story… TWILIGHT WORLD

In Mike Resnick’s second tale for us, Catastrophe Baker returns, this time to face an ancient concubine revived when he enters Royal ground in… CATASTROPHE BAKER AND THE HALL OF THE NEPTUNIAN KINGS

Our third RGR regular is T.M. Hunter’s Aston West, who in this tale finds himself confronted by authorities after he raids an abandoned freighter and takes her cargo, only to discover the authority ship’s crew might know more about what happened to the freighter and her crew than expected in… EVER DARK

In Michael Merriam’s action packed tale, our last RGR highlight, two rebels develop interesting rapport with their hostages as they wait to transfer them to safer holding and find themselves clashing over their captives’ destiny in… NOR TO THE STRONG

In the first of three originals which wind up our journey together, Peter J. Wacks puts a whole new spin and meaning to the term space opera as a conductor and his orchestra relive a famous battle for their audience through a musical score in the aptly titled… SPACE OPERA

Multi-Hugo and Nebula Award winning author Allen M. Steele’s space opera novels include the Coyote trilogy and his latest, a Heinlein-esque YA novel titled Apollo’s Outcasts from PYR. For us, he spins the tale of men sent to rescue a heiress from kidnappers who uncover a surprising scenario that leads to asking and answering questions they never expected in… HEIRESS OF THE AIR

David Farland returns to his Golden Queen novel universe with the tale of Orick, a bear who always wanted to be a Saint, and how he stumbles his way into becoming… SAINT ORICK

We close with an original poem written just for this collection by GUD Magazine editor Kaolin Fire, telling the tale of… RAE RAYGUN
That's it, folks. We haz a book. I just have finishing touches til review copies go out, and then we start copyedits and final prep to have it in your hands by November. Hope you're still excited. I had a great time putting it together, and we all think it came out even better than expected!